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Looking for an experienced partner for your webshop? Let us advise you on the unlimited possibilities e-commerce has to offer. Salmon supports you in every aspect of designing and implementing your webshop. This includes integrating the webshop in your operation, setting up an online strategy and optimizing your conversion rates. From our offices in the Netherlands and India, we have been providing leading e-commerce solutions for numerous ambitious projects for over 10 years.

Learn more about the advantages of Salmon and Intershop Communications AG! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices.


We are Salmon, WPP’s ecommerce agency. With 25 years of ecommerce experience, when we say we can “do” ecommerce, we can do ecommerce – from strategy, to platform integration, to customer experience, to maintenance. We introduced click and collect to the UK with Argos, built the world’s largest B2B ecommerce platform with Premier Farnell, built the world’s largest grocery platform with Sainsbury’s and are currently building the world’s largest luxury clothing retail platform. We make it simple to understand the complex world of ecommerce, and our experience means we can guide our customers to deliver the right global ecommerce solution for them. Our mantra is to help our Clients to transact more digitally, and in so doing, all the while shaping the future of commerce.

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