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Lifting Consulting is the first business unit of Lifting Group, a group of companies with the aim of leading from an vanguard and innovation standpoint. Lifting Consulting is one of the main companies that integrates multi-channel strategies and relies on a team of experts that helps our clients plan, develop and stimulate their online sales and coordinate their different channels (ecommerce, physical point of sales, phone, mails, distributor strategies…) in order to generate the appropriate synergies to achieve maximum profitability. Lifting Consulting works from the election of the proper moment to invest in a certain online and digital channel, whether our clients have previous experience or not, until the election of the proper platform, the required functionalities and the solutions associated to online and digital channels.

Learn more about the advantages of Lifting Consulting & Co and Intershop Communications AG! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices.

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