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A Web Agency started in 2003; DataSolution « The E-Commerce Company » implements B2C, B2B projects within clients’ digital strategy. We have been developing INTERSHOP’s Practice and Expertise since 2004. Our business lines are: Consulting: Identifying the business challenges to acquire and retain more and more qualified Web consumers and achieve optimal conversion rates. Professional Services: Build and Run your e-commerce sites (B2B or B2C) integrating Intershop Platform (v 6&7) with PIMs, ERP, CRM and Market Places. Hosting: Provides secure high performance hosting solutions which guarantee the backup of your data (DRP) and optimal running of your websites (24/7 SLA). Rental or Transactions Based offers with our SaaS Platform « ShopWeb » Needid: Designs your corporate identity and logo. Features also include Web Graphics, Photos (360), Video, and Web marketing...etc. At DataSolution agility, reactivity and availability are our 56 employees’ shared values keywords. Among our references are: SONEPAR, Raja, OTELO, Norauto, Pharmaciens Giphar, Ekosport.

Learn more about the advantages of Datasolution SAS and Intershop Communications AG! We would be glad to provide reference cases and integration best practices.

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