About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves :-)

Intershop-Partner.com is a news gathering and sharing community established in 2014 primarily focussed on Digital topics related to the Intershop Commerce Cloud.


Intershop-Partner.com facilitates the efficient dissemination of latest news, insights, expertise and experience from 1 central place and connects people and companies searching for relevant information.

For whom

Looking for the latest news from our news partners supporting, implementing and providing relevant information to Intershop ? Then this is the place to be !

What we do

Connect people
Intershop-Partner.com connects. In a few clicks, you find the right information, and you can contact the Intershop Partner directly.

Share information
Intershop-Partner.com makes available interesting content from Intershop News Partners to anyone interested in omni-channel commerce and digitalization. An email newsletter is send out to 1000's of subscribers on a regular basis containing a digest of the most read and interesting articles, posts and downloads. START to SHARE your NEWS right NOW !

Events & Networks
Intershop-Partner.com facilitates in organizing interesting networking events.

Who we are

We are people just like you and work at Intershop, Intershop Partners and/or other Digital Agencies.
A short impression of one of our yearly community events.


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